Class TrainTest.FMRegressionOptions

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public static class TrainTest.FMRegressionOptions extends Object implements
Command line options.
  • Field Details

    • general

      public DataOptions general
      The dataset loading options.
    • gradientOptions

      public GradientOptimiserOptions gradientOptions
      Gradient descent options.
    • epochs

      @Option(charName='i', longName="epochs", usage="Number of SGD epochs.") public int epochs
      Number of SGD epochs. Defaults to 5.
    • loss

      @Option(charName='o', longName="objective", usage="Loss function.") public TrainTest.LossEnum loss
      Loss function. Defaults to SQUARED.
    • loggingInterval

      @Option(charName='p', longName="logging-interval", usage="Log the objective after <int> examples.") public int loggingInterval
      Log the objective after n examples. Defaults to 100.
    • minibatchSize

      @Option(charName='z', longName="minibatch-size", usage="Minibatch size.") public int minibatchSize
      Minibatch size. Defaults to 1.
    • factorSize

      @Option(charName='d', longName="factor-size", usage="Factor size.") public int factorSize
      Factor size.
    • variance

      @Option(longName="variance", usage="Variance of the initialization gaussian.") public double variance
      Variance of the initialization gaussian.
    • standardise

      @Option(longName="standardise", usage="Standardise the output regressors before model fitting.") public boolean standardise
      Standardise the output regressors before model fitting.
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    • FMRegressionOptions

      public FMRegressionOptions()
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    • getOptionsDescription

      public String getOptionsDescription()
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      getOptionsDescription in interface