Package org.tribuo.util.onnx

package org.tribuo.util.onnx
Interfaces and utilities for writing ONNX models from Java.

Developed to support Tribuo, but can be used to export other machine learning models from JVM languages.

  • Class
    The spec for an attribute, used to produce the attribute proto at construction time.
    Context object used to scope and manage the creation of ONNX OnnxMl.GraphProto and OnnxMl.ModelProto instances.
    A subclass of ONNXRef specialized for OnnxMl.TensorProto.
    A subclass of ONNXRef specialized for OnnxMl.NodeProto.
    An interface for ONNX operators.
    ONNX Opset 13, and ONNX-ML version 1.
    A subclass of ONNXRef specialized for OnnxMl.ValueInfoProto.
    ONNXRef<T extends>
    An abstract reference that represents both a node in an ONNX computation graph and a container for a specific ONNX proto object that denotes that node.
    Helper functions for building ONNX protos.