Class StripProvenance.StripProvenanceOptions

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public static class StripProvenance.StripProvenanceOptions extends Object implements
Command line options.
  • Field Details

    • storeHash

      @Option(charName='h', longName="store-provenance-hash", usage="Stores a hash of the model provenance in the stripped model.") public boolean storeHash
      Stores a hash of the model provenance in the stripped model.
    • inputModel

      @Option(charName='i', longName="input-model-path", usage="The model to load.") public File inputModel
      The model to load.
    • outputModel

      @Option(charName='o', longName="output-model-path", usage="The location to write out the stripped model.") public File outputModel
      The location to write out the stripped model.
    • provenanceFile

      @Option(charName='p', longName="provenance-path", usage="Write out the stripped provenance as json.") public File provenanceFile
      Write out the stripped provenance as json.
    • removeProvenances

      @Option(charName='r', longName="remove-provenances", usage="The provenances to remove") public EnumSet<StripProvenance.ProvenanceTypes> removeProvenances
      The provenances to remove
    • hashType

      @Option(charName='t', longName="hash-type", usage="The hash type to use.") public hashType
      The hash type to use.
  • Constructor Details

    • StripProvenanceOptions

      public StripProvenanceOptions()
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    • getOptionsDescription

      public String getOptionsDescription()
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      getOptionsDescription in interface