Interface Transformation

All Superinterfaces:,<TransformationProvenance>
All Known Implementing Classes:
BinningTransformation, IDFTransformation, LinearScalingTransformation, MeanStdDevTransformation, SimpleTransform

public interface Transformation extends,<TransformationProvenance>
An interface representing a class of transformations which can be applied to a feature.

Transformations first have to be fitted, where they gather the appropriate data statistics (e.g., min and max value). The TransformStatistics can then be converted into a Transformer which can apply the transform to a feature value.

Transformations are configurable, but not serializable. Describe them in config files or code.

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    Modifier and Type
    Creates the statistics object for this Transformation.

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    Methods inherited from interface

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    • createStats

      TransformStatistics createStats()
      Creates the statistics object for this Transformation.
      The statistics object.