Class SimpleStringDataSource<T extends Output<T>>

All Implemented Interfaces:,<DataSourceProvenance>, Iterable<Example<T>>, ConfigurableDataSource<T>, DataSource<T>

public class SimpleStringDataSource<T extends Output<T>> extends SimpleTextDataSource<T>
A version of SimpleTextDataSource that accepts a List of Strings.

Uses the parsing logic from SimpleTextDataSource.

  • Field Details

    • rawLines

      @Config(mandatory=true, description="The input data lines.") protected List<String> rawLines
      Used because OLCUT doesn't support generic Iterables.
  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleStringDataSource

      public SimpleStringDataSource(List<String> rawLines, OutputFactory<T> outputFactory, TextFeatureExtractor<T> extractor)
      Constructs a simple string data source from the supplied lines.
      rawLines - The lines to parse.
      outputFactory - The output factory.
      extractor - The feature extractor.
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