Class AbstractTrainingNode.LeafDeterminer

Enclosing class:
AbstractTrainingNode<T extends Output<T>>

public static class AbstractTrainingNode.LeafDeterminer extends Object
Contains parameters needed to determine whether a node is a leaf.
  • Constructor Details

    • LeafDeterminer

      public LeafDeterminer(int maxDepth, float minChildWeight, float scaledMinImpurityDecrease)
      Constructs a leaf determiner using the supplied parameters.
      maxDepth - The maximum tree depth.
      minChildWeight - The minimum example weight of each child node.
      scaledMinImpurityDecrease - The scaled minimum impurity decrease necessary to split a node.
  • Method Details

    • getMaxDepth

      public int getMaxDepth()
      Gets the maximum tree depth.
      The maximum tree depth.
    • getMinChildWeight

      public float getMinChildWeight()
      Gets the minimum example weight of a child node.
      The mimimum weight of a child node.
    • getScaledMinImpurityDecrease

      public float getScaledMinImpurityDecrease()
      Gets the minimum impurity decrease necessary to split a node.
      The minimum impurity decrease to split a node.