Class FMClassificationOptions

All Implemented Interfaces:, ClassificationOptions<FMClassificationTrainer>

public class FMClassificationOptions extends Object implements ClassificationOptions<FMClassificationTrainer>
CLI options for training a factorization machine classifier.
  • Field Details

    • sgoOptions

      public GradientOptimiserOptions sgoOptions
    • fmEpochs

      @Option(longName="fm-epochs", usage="Number of SGD epochs.") public int fmEpochs
      Number of SGD epochs.
    • fmObjective

      @Option(longName="fm-objective", usage="Loss function.") public FMClassificationOptions.LossEnum fmObjective
      Loss function.
    • fmLoggingInterval

      @Option(longName="fm-logging-interval", usage="Log the objective after <int> examples.") public int fmLoggingInterval
      Log the objective after n examples.
    • fmMinibatchSize

      @Option(longName="fm-minibatch-size", usage="Minibatch size.") public int fmMinibatchSize
      Minibatch size.
    • fmFactorSize

      @Option(longName="fm-factor-size", usage="Factor size.") public int fmFactorSize
      Factor size.
    • fmVariance

      @Option(longName="fm-variance", usage="Variance of the initialization gaussian.") public double fmVariance
      Variance of the initialization gaussian.
  • Constructor Details

    • FMClassificationOptions

      public FMClassificationOptions()
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