Class NoisyInterlockingCrescentsDataSource

All Implemented Interfaces:,<DataSourceProvenance>, Iterable<Example<Label>>, ConfigurableDataSource<Label>, DataSource<Label>

public final class NoisyInterlockingCrescentsDataSource extends DemoLabelDataSource
A data source of two interleaved half circles with some zero mean Gaussian noise applied to each point.
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    • NoisyInterlockingCrescentsDataSource

      public NoisyInterlockingCrescentsDataSource(int numSamples, long seed, double variance)
      Constructs a noisy interlocking crescents data source.

      It's the same as InterlockingCrescentsDataSource but each point has Gaussian noise with zero mean and the specified variance added to it.

      numSamples - The number of samples to generate.
      seed - The RNG seed.
      variance - The variance of the Gaussian noise.
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