Class GaussianLabelDataSource

All Implemented Interfaces:,<DataSourceProvenance>, Iterable<Example<Label>>, ConfigurableDataSource<Label>, DataSource<Label>

public final class GaussianLabelDataSource extends DemoLabelDataSource
A data source for two classes generated from separate Gaussians.
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    • GaussianLabelDataSource

      public GaussianLabelDataSource(int numSamples, long seed, double[] firstMean, double[] firstCovarianceMatrix, double[] secondMean, double[] secondCovarianceMatrix)
      Constructs a data source which contains two classes where each class is sampled from a 2d Gaussian with the specified parameters.
      numSamples - The number of samples to draw.
      seed - The RNG seed.
      firstMean - The mean of class one's Gaussian.
      firstCovarianceMatrix - The covariance matrix of class one's Gaussian.
      secondMean - The mean of class two's Gaussian.
      secondCovarianceMatrix - The covariance matrix of class two's Gaussian.
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