Class ONNXRef<T extends>

Type Parameters:
T - The protobuf type this reference generates.
Direct Known Subclasses:
ONNXInitializer, ONNXNode, ONNXPlaceholder

public abstract class ONNXRef<T extends> extends Object
An abstract reference that represents both a node in an ONNX computation graph and a container for a specific ONNX proto object that denotes that node. In its role as the former it provides a fluent interface for applying ONNXOperators to ONNXRef instances. ONNXRef instances are ultimately created by an ONNXContext instance, and ONNXRefs created by different instances of ONNXContext are incompatible. All ONNX proto objects produced by calling apply methods on ONNXRefs are added to a OnnxMl.GraphProto field in their governing ONNXContext. Instances of ONNXRef have a backreference to the ONNXContext that created them and can thus be passed around without needing to pass their governing context as well.

N.B. This class will be sealed once the library is updated past Java 8. Users should not subclass this class.