Class TrainTest.LibLinearOptions

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public static class TrainTest.LibLinearOptions extends Object implements
Command line options.
  • Field Details

    • general

      public DataOptions general
      The data loading options.
    • cost

      @Option(charName='p', longName="cost-penalty", usage="Cost penalty for SVM.") public double cost
      Cost penalty for SVM.
    • maxIterations

      @Option(longName="max-iterations", usage="Max iterations over the data.") public int maxIterations
      Max iterations over the data.
    • epsilon

      @Option(longName="epsilon-insensitivity", usage="Regression value insensitivity for margin.") public double epsilon
      Regression value insensitivity for margin.
    • terminationCriterion

      @Option(charName='e', longName="termination-criterion", usage="Tolerance of the optimization termination criterion.") public double terminationCriterion
      Tolerance of the optimization termination criterion.
    • algorithm

      @Option(charName='t', longName="algorithm", usage="Type of SVR.") public LinearRegressionType.LinearType algorithm
      Type of SVR.
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    • LibLinearOptions

      public LibLinearOptions()
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    • getOptionsDescription

      public String getOptionsDescription()
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      getOptionsDescription in interface