Class GraphDefTuple


public final class GraphDefTuple extends Object
A tuple containing a graph def protobuf along with the relevant operation names.

Will be a record one day.

  • Field Details

    • graphDef

      public final org.tensorflow.proto.framework.GraphDef graphDef
      The graph definition protobuf.
    • inputName

      public final String inputName
      Name of the input operation.
    • outputName

      public final String outputName
      Name of the output operation.
  • Constructor Details

    • GraphDefTuple

      public GraphDefTuple(org.tensorflow.proto.framework.GraphDef graphDef, String inputName, String outputName)
      Creates a graphDef record.
      graphDef - The TF Graph.
      inputName - The name of the input placeholder.
      outputName - The name of the output operation.