Class CARTClassificationOptions

All Implemented Interfaces:, ClassificationOptions<CARTClassificationTrainer>

public class CARTClassificationOptions extends Object implements ClassificationOptions<CARTClassificationTrainer>
Options for building a classification tree trainer.
  • Field Details

    • cartMaxDepth

      @Option(longName="cart-max-depth", usage="Maximum depth in the decision tree.") public int cartMaxDepth
      Maximum depth in the decision tree.
    • cartMinChildWeight

      @Option(longName="cart-min-child-weight", usage="Minimum child weight.") public float cartMinChildWeight
      Minimum child weight.
    • cartMinImpurityDecrease

      @Option(longName="cart-min-impurity-decrease", usage="Minimum impurity decrease.") public float cartMinImpurityDecrease
      Minimum impurity decrease.
    • cartSplitFraction

      @Option(longName="cart-split-fraction", usage="Fraction of features in split.") public float cartSplitFraction
      Fraction of features in split.
    • cartRandomSplit

      @Option(longName="cart-random-split", usage="Whether to choose split points for features at random.") public boolean cartRandomSplit
      Whether to choose split points for features at random.
    • cartImpurity

      @Option(longName="cart-impurity", usage="Impurity measure to use. Defaults to GINI.") public CARTClassificationOptions.ImpurityType cartImpurity
      Impurity measure to use. Defaults to GINI.
    • cartPrintTree

      @Option(longName="cart-print-tree", usage="Prints the decision tree.") public boolean cartPrintTree
      Prints the decision tree.
    • cartTreeAlgorithm

      @Option(longName="cart-tree-algorithm", usage="Tree algorithm to use (options are CART).") public CARTClassificationOptions.TreeType cartTreeAlgorithm
      Tree algorithm to use (options are CART).
    • cartSeed

      @Option(longName="cart-seed", usage="RNG seed.") public long cartSeed
      RNG seed.
  • Constructor Details

    • CARTClassificationOptions

      public CARTClassificationOptions()
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