Class TrainTest.LibSVMOptions

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public static class TrainTest.LibSVMOptions extends Object implements
Command line options.
  • Field Details

    • general

      public DataOptions general
      The data loading options.
    • coeff

      @Option(longName="coefficient", usage="Intercept in kernel function.") public double coeff
      Intercept in kernel function.
    • degree

      @Option(charName='d', longName="degree", usage="Degree in polynomial kernel.") public int degree
      Degree in polynomial kernel.
    • gamma

      @Option(charName='g', longName="gamma", usage="Gamma value in kernel function.") public double gamma
      Gamma value in kernel function.
    • kernelType

      @Option(charName='k', longName="kernel", usage="Type of SVM kernel.") public KernelType kernelType
      Type of SVM kernel.
    • svmType

      @Option(charName='t', longName="type", usage="Type of SVM.") public SVMRegressionType.SVMMode svmType
      Type of SVM.
    • standardize

      @Option(longName="standardize", usage="Standardize the regression outputs internally to the SVM") public boolean standardize
      Standardize the regression outputs internally to the SVM
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    • LibSVMOptions

      public LibSVMOptions()
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    • getOptionsDescription

      public String getOptionsDescription()
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      getOptionsDescription in interface