Package org.tribuo

Interface DataSource<T extends Output<T>>

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AggregateConfigurableDataSource, AggregateDataSource, CheckerboardDataSource, ColumnarDataSource, ConcentricCirclesDataSource, CSVDataSource, DemoLabelDataSource, DirectoryFileSource, GaussianAnomalyDataSource, GaussianClusterDataSource, GaussianDataSource, GaussianLabelDataSource, IDXDataSource, InterlockingCrescentsDataSource, JsonDataSource, LibSVMDataSource, ListDataSource, MultiLabelGaussianDataSource, NoisyInterlockingCrescentsDataSource, NonlinearGaussianDataSource, SimpleStringDataSource, SimpleTextDataSource, SQLDataSource, TextDataSource

public interface DataSource<T extends Output<T>> extends<DataSourceProvenance>, Iterable<Example<T>>
A interface for things that can be given to a Dataset's constructor.

Has a provenance method and a method to get the appropriate OutputFactory for the Output subclass in these examples.

DataSources are used to do inbound ETL of data on disk or held externally.

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    Modifier and Type
    Returns the OutputFactory associated with this Output subclass.

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    • getOutputFactory

      OutputFactory<T> getOutputFactory()
      Returns the OutputFactory associated with this Output subclass.
      The output factory.