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What is Tribuo?

Tribuo is a platform for organizations to manage their fundraisers and collect donations for charities. We have the tools that you need to build your online fundraising presence. We know you work hard to collect donations for worthy charities, and we'll help you turn that passion into action.

What we bring to the table

The right tools   

Our platform makes it easy to manage your fundraisers, events, and participants with intuitive tools that work for you.

With Tribuo, starting fundraisers, adding members, and monitoring your progress is effortless.

Engage and raise money   

Tribuo gives you the power to easily connect with your network and receive donations online.

From their personal Tribuo profile page, your members can tell their stories, share donation links to social media, and track their progress.

Data driven   

We give you the information you need to pinpoint what's working for your fundraising organization. From your Tribuo admin dashboard, you'll be able to track your most successful moments and identify areas of opportunity.

That means more time focused on growing your cause, and less time figuring out how.

Get started

We've just launched and are excited to work with passionate fundraisers who are ready to take their organization to the next level. If you're looking to start fundraising for your charity online, or you're looking for a better value than your current online platform, get in touch with us at

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